Xbox 3D Platformer The Gunk Will Be Out Next Month [Update]

Remember the Steamworld Dig and Steamworld-titled games on PC? Well, the developers for that title, Image & Form, is hard at work at a 3D action platformer title called The Gunk. And it’s almost ready.

According to a recent Thunderful Games showcase (via Wario64), The Gunk will be released on 16th December and will launch on Game Pass. Thunderful is handling the publishing of the title.

To recap, The Gunk is a story-driven action-adventure game where you control Rani who uses a power glove that can suck out the titular Gunk from the planet she’s in. The world is full of the gunk and the corrupted monsters affected by it, so there’s a bit of a pro-environmental message in the game.

Update: Here’s what the game director Ulf Hartelius has to say:

“As a team, it’s been a real pleasure to branch out and supplement the charm we’re known for with the SteamWorld series with a more ‘grown-up’ story like the one we are telling with The Gunk. We’ve been working hard to blend that intriguing sci-fi tale with the cool raymarching tech we’re using to create our mesmerizing gunk and a rich world for players to explore.”

Author: Mr Toffee

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