SYNTHETIK 2 Blasts Its Way Onto Steam

2018’s Synthetik: Legion Rising was a great roguelike game with robots. Now the sequel is coming from Flow Fire Games in the form of SYNTHETIK 2.

Just like its predecessor, SYNTHETIK 2 is a punishing tactical rogue-lite shooter where you must experiment and adapt to defeat the Machine Legion. The initial Early Access release already features seven environment types, and three classes (each with three specializations that can significantly change how the class plays).

It’s a fun game with robots. What more could you want?

Flow Fire Games Co-founder Alexander Luck said:

“This isn’t the first game we’ve built alongside community feedback. We’re eager to see what players think of the SYNTHETIK 2 Early Access release, which already contains a serious chunk of content and new tech! Getting feedback is one of our top priorities.It’s going to be great to see what SYNTHETIK fans will create with the new Universe Editor.

It was a huge task but it is something we have never seen before and opens the doors for endless possibilities. We can’t wait to get our first feedback from fans once they see the game in action, and discover what they’re going to create with the Universe Editor!”

SYNTHETIK 2 is currently in Steam Early Access for the promotional price of RM35.10. In the meantime, you can check out our preview of the game here.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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