Shin Megami Tensei 5 Ending & New Game Plus Guide: How To Get All Of Them


This guide is still a work-in-progress.

Shin Megami Tensei 5, like all SMT games before it, has multiple endings. Unlike some of the entries, however, SMT5 has a New Game+ that lets you carry your first game’s progress.

If you want a general spoiler-free idea of what you’re going into, read on ahead. The spoiler-heavy stuff is right after, warnings and all.

How Long To Beat?

Shin Megami Tensei 5 takes about 60 hours or so to beat. This includes some sidequest work, grinding, demon fusion-hunting, and updating your demon compendium (for easier summoning via Macca).

How Long To Get All The Endings

SMT 5 has four endings. It’ll take you at least 80 hours (up to 90+ or more) just to get them all. The initial playthrough will take longer, but you can skip through a lot using the New Game+ feature.

There’s A New Game+?

Yes! Once you finish the game, you’ll get to choose between different types of New Game Plus options. Here they are:

New Game Plus Newborn Mode

The following will be carried over in your new playthrough:

New Game Plus Reborn Mode

The following will be carried over in your new playthrough:

If you want a challenge in your new playthrough, play New Game Plus Newborn. If you want to breeze through the game to get the remaining three endings, pick the New Game Plus Reborn Mode. A “speed run” of SMT5 with an OP party will take you about 5 hours or so, even without the Talismans needed for your Magatsuhi skills.

Alright, here’s the spoiler-heavy portion on ending conditions and other story stuff. You’ve been warned.

Like we said, there are four endings in Shin Megami Tensei 5. Three of them are branching route endings while the fourth ending is hidden.

So there’s a final choice you have to make in the game at the top of the Temple of Eternity. You will get to make this decision after defeating Metatron. We suggest making a separate save file before you make your final decision.

Each choice will lead you to your ending:

The choices you make along the way in the game do play a role in what ending will suit your alignment. If you pick the ending that matches your alignment, you’ll get a bonus Miracle for that choice. Otherwise, you get nothing.

There is an end-game quest where you are charged 666,000 Macca to accept if your ending choice does not match your alignment.

The Empyrean

After picking one of the choices, you’ll get to head to this final dungeon. Here are some things to keep track of about this area:

Ending #1: I will uphold God’s Order

This ending is the Law Route for SMT5. Humanity will devote itself to God and will lead a prosperous life in exchange for individuality.

Here’s what you get on this path:

Ending #2: I will recreate the world and save Tokyo

This ending is kind of like the Chaos Route, but less severe than previous SMT title’s Chaos endings. People and gods are allowed to choose for themselves, but will be in conflict with one another all day, err day.

Here’s what you get on this path:

Ending #3: I will destroy the throne

This ending is the shortest of all; you literally destroy the throne and declare that there’s no ruler needed. Everyone fends for themselves. You still need to go through the final dungeon though, but you’ll face less bosses.

Here’s what you get:

Ending #4: Create a world for humanity alone

This is the hidden ending of the game. Here, the Nahobino doesn’t align with any entity, and instead creates a new world for humanity alone with no gods or demons. This is the hardest ending to achieve in the game and can’t be procured on a single playthrough.

Here are the conditions needed to trigger the bit that allows the fourth ending:

Here’s what you need to do once you fulfil the above conditions.

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