Xbox Goes Gucci For The Most Expensive & Garish Series X Console

It’s normal to see special editions of gaming consoles, but they’re usually paired with gaming-related franchises and brands as well. For example, the PS4 God Of War edition or even the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite edition. Now, Microsoft and luxury fashion brand Gucci have teamed up for a limited edition and extravagantly expensive Gucci Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series X design was already minimalistic and monolithic, simple and sleek. Meanwhile, the Gucci Xbox Series X features double G patterns all over its body like a tramp stamp, which makes it look garish and gaudy.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s a whopping US$10,000? Yeah, it’s the most expensive Xbox Series X, so I guess anyone who does buy it gets bragging rights to that. There will only be 100 of the Gucci Xbox Series X consoles available worldwide.

The Gucci Xbox Series X comes with two Gucci-themed Xbox Series controllers, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and an Xbox-branded suitcase to carry the console and controllers.

The Gucci Xbox Series X will launch on 17 November 2021 on Gucci’s official website and in select Gucci stores.

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Author: Alleef Ashaari

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