Far Cry 6: Vaas – Insanity DLC Guide: How To Conquer Ubisoft’s First Roguelite Attempt


Far Cry 6’s first-ever DLC featuring everybody’s favourite sociopath Vaas is available now, provided you paid extra for the game’s Season Pass. It’s a decent attempt at a roguelite using Far Cry 6’s game engine, but could still use a lot more work and variety.

Still, exploring the literal mind of a psychopath and being able to gun down Rakyat soldiers and clones of the Far Cry 3 dudebro hero has its thrills and jolts of excitement. Here are some tips to get you started and prolong the experience.

Take Your Time

Once you get the hang of the controls and the structure of Vaas: Insanity’s chunky mind-island setting, you’ll soon realize that dying means restarting your mission of collecting the three parts of the Silver Dagger and losing all your Cash. Don’t stress out on completing the run first; all hotspots you find on the island (safehouses, fast travel doors, Challenge locations) will all be tracked and saved even if you die multiple times.

Ditto your permanent powerups you get from the mirror and the weapons you unlocked from the Challenges; they’re still with you. Though for weapons, you may need to repurchase them again. Don’t worry about the pistol; it’s free.

Safe Houses Save Your Weapons & Temp Powerups

If you save and quit at a safe house, you’ll save your weapon loadout and run cycle items. Your mission resets though. So don’t quit while you’re midway on the island unless it’s a safe house/starting point area you’re in, unless you want to start all over again.

Focus On The First Few Greed Traits On The Mirror

Cash is lost once you die, but if you invest a bit into the Greed traits on the mirror, you can keep up to a certain amount of Cash upon death. The first permanent trait under Greed lets you store up to 500 Cash, while the next one lets you keep up to 1,000 Cash. Since Cash is important in getting you upgrades and weapons, it’s pretty important to invest in Greed.

The First Syringe Replenishes Over Time

While you can get more Health Syringes over the course of the run and game, only the last one is replenishable. Keep that in mind as you’re fighting hordes of enemies with guns, ghosts (that appear at Night), and flaming crocodiles. One good tactic is to duck and cover, or run around the fight spot and dodge enemy fire until one of your syringes is replenished before you use them again.

Take Part In Trials To Gain Extra Lives

There’s a 1-Up powerup you can get that can grant you an extra life if you die, but you’ll have to play through the Citra Trials. They’re located on the west and northwest part of the island; during these challenges, you’ll have to fight waves of enemies in a confined area. Win the onslaught to earn these lives and extra powerups as well.

The First Challenges You Should Aim For? Auto-Pistol, Shotgun, & Rifle

These challenges are located southeast of the starting location. If you want a good close-ranged option (for bumrushing enemies) and an all-rounder weapon, you can’t go wrong with the game’s Shotgun and Rifle option. The Auto-Pistol is a good weapon to start with and is the closest to the starting point, but you’ll probably ditch that for the rifle/shotgun later after a death or two, once you’ve unlocked some of the Greed traits.

Which Silver Blade Part To Tackle First? Southwest and Southeast

Without spoiling much, the northeast Silver Blade part mission is the toughest. Once you’re all geared up and have all the powerups you need (ie: the temporary ones that go on the slots), go for the southwest mission (the one with the Medusa’s shipwreck) and the southeast mission (prison camp) first before tackling the northeast mission.

The southwest mission has you turning off some objects and making you face off a number of elite enemies, but you have a ton of room to camp and run around in, and there’s a machine gun turret you can use that’s on the front part of the shipwreck. The southeast mission lets you take a stealthy approach; you can free the camp’s prisoners to end the mission. Keep in mind: you can only stealth takedown the regular enemies, not the elites.

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