Medieval Among Us-Like Game Eville Heads To Early Access In 2022

Among Us takes place in a spaceship in, well, space. It’s a sci-fi setting, but have you ever wondered what it would be like if a social deduction game takes place in a medieval fantasy setting with magic? Wonder no more, because here comes Eville.

Independent developer VestGames and indie publisher Versus Evil have announced that their multiplayer social deduction game Eville will be launching on PC via Steam Early Access in 2022.

The premise of the game is this: A mysterious murder has taken place in the once peaceful village of Eville, and so begins a collective effort for those involved to either unmask the co-conspirators and prevent them from taking over the village, or just get through the night alive. Built upon a solid foundation of deceit, slander, and manipulation, Eville casts players into randomly assigned roles with every session each with unique abilities, skills and advantages.

As Mayor, you could flex your voting power and village stature, or go about setting traps for the dastardly murderer as the Trapper, or you could be investigating suspicious villagers as the Detective, or just talk smack, casting doubts and aspersions about the other players as the Slanderer.

Eville has a unique gameplay mechanic; its day and night cycle, during the day villagers will go about their daily lives before retiring to their cosy homes in the evening, unless of course, you’re the murderer, where nightfall can be used to deadly effect, gruesomely hacking people to death in their beds while they slumber.

Players will have access to handy items and crafting abilities, spending their hard-earned copper during the day on upgrades to help them survive the night or survive the devious traps by the pesky do-gooders impeding another murder. Within the quaint village map of Eville, players can find forlorn citizens who need assistance and even encounter the ghosts of the dead, Eville is not a place where dead men tell no tales and the clues to treachery and murder are still attainable.

Steve Escalante, General Manager of Versus Evil, said:

“The Versus Evil team are huge fans of the social deduction genre. We just launched First Class Trouble 1.0 this month on PC, PS4, & PS5. Social deduction offers players a form of multiplayer gaming that connects people and invites them to engage one another in ways specific to this style of game.

Eville stood out to us because the talented team at VestGames have approached social deduction in a wholly unique way with its medieval RPG style, character roles, and individualized motives. It’s sure to deliver a distinctive experience full of excitement, challenge, friendships, and of course, inevitable betrayal, that we feel fans of the genre will enjoy.

We’re very excited to be working with the creative minds at VestGames, and to introduce Eville to players around the world.”

You can head over to the game’s Steam page here to wishlist the game now.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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