Human Fall Flat Laboratory Level Is Now Live On Android & iOS

Global publisher 505 Games, alongside partners Curve Games and developer No Brakes Games, have announced the addition of the new Laboratory level in the iOS and Android version of the puzzle-platformer Human Fall Flat.

Curve Games and No Brakes Games continue to celebrate its wonderfully creative fans with this Worldwide Workshop-winning stage from “Buler.” As the 18th level in the game, the Human Fall Flat Laboratory level stands out with its experimental exploration of magnetism and electricity. 

Players can wobble around a secret lab filled with new playthings demonstrating the hilariously chaotic results of these scientific concepts. You can gather up to three friends and independently operate the arms of adorable characters to interact with these experiments, each adding a new wrinkle to Human Fall Flat’s signature physics-based gameplay. 

Gary Rowe, VP of Franchise at Curve Games, said:

“Buler’s level is a favorite for Human Fall Flat fans on PC, so we’re beyond pleased to introduce it to the mobile version today. We plan to continue to grow No Brakes Games’ smash hit with even more awesome free post-release content over the next year.”

Human Fall Flat is available on iOS and Android in North America, Europe, Oceania and parts of Asia. For more information about the game, players can visit the App Store and Google Play.

Author: Alleef Ashaari

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