Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai Event: How To Score Cool Samurai Armour

343 Industries just started a new Halo Infinite multiplayer event called Fracture: Tenrai. It’s basically a limited-time playlist filled with nothing but Slayer PvP battles where you get random weapons when you start/respawn.

The prizes? The samurai armour you see in this article’s feature image. The event will run from now until 30th November; yes, that’s a one-week marathon of PvP you need to go through either on Xbox or on PC. However, the event will go back up again in future weeks.

Here’s everything you need to know about earning Halo Infinite’s Yoroi armour and the affiliated reward.

You Don’t Need The Premium Battle Pass

The event is free for all players. Here’s the schedule:

  • Round one: Today through 30th November 30
  • Round two: 4th January, 2022, through 10th January, 2022
  • Round three: 1st February, 2022, through 7th February, 2022

The Tenrai event will occur 6 times over the course of Halo Infinite’s planned first season.

What’s The Playlist?

Like we said, the playlist for Fracture: Tenrai features the Fiesta playlist, a legacy mode in Halo multiplayer that spawns players with randomized primary and secondary weapons. You also get random equipment like the repulsor and drop wall. Spawn points for weapons and gears are disabled.

The following maps will be on the playlist: Recharge, Live Fire, Bazaar, Launch Site, behemoth, Aquarius, and Streets. These maps are considered close-quarter type.

What Are The Challenges?

These include tasks like “earn 10 assists” to “get a double kill in Fiesta PvP”. Here’s a list:

  • Earn assists in Fiesta PvP.
  • Stop an enemy killing spree in Fiesta PvP.
  • Kill enemy Spartans with a headshot in Fiesta PvP.
  • Complete Fiesta PvP matches.
  • Kill enemy Spartans in Fiesta PvP.
  • Earn double kills in Fiesta.
  • Earn a killing spree in Fiesta PvP.

However, to get the good stuff, you’ll need to be at least Level 25, which will take you a while to get to given Halo Infinite’s current progression system. The base armour is acquired when you reach level 5, while the Yokai helmet is at level 25.

What Are The Prizes For Each Level?

Glad you asked! Here’s the full list:

  • Level 1 – Torii Reflection (backdrop).
  • Level 2 – Challenge Swap consumable.
  • Level 3 – XP Boot consumable.
  • Level 4 – Samurai (nameplate).
  • Level 5 – Yoroi (armour core).
  • Level 6 – Challenge Swap consumable.
  • Level 7 – XP Boot consumable.
  • Level 8 – XP Boot consumable.
  • Level 9 – Samurai (vehicle emblem).
  • Level 10 – Gatekeeper (left shoulder pad).
  • Level 11 – Challenge Swap consumable.
  • Level 12 – XP Boost consumable.
  • Level 13 – XP Boost consumable.
  • Level 14 – Samurai (armour emblem).
  • Level 15 – Gatekeeper (right shoulder pad).
  • Level 16 – Challenge Swap consumable.
  • Level 17 – XP Boost consumable.
  • Level 18 – XP Boost consumable.
  • Level 19 – Samurai (weapon emblem).
  • Level 20 – Sol Devil (MA40 AR weapon coating).
  • Level 21 – Challenge Swap consumable.
  • Level 22 – XP Boost consumable.
  • Level 23 – XP Boost consumable.
  • Level 24 – Whispered Sky (MK50 Sidekick weapon coating).
  • Level 25 – Yokai (helmet).
  • Level 26 – Challenge Swap consumable.
  • Level 27 – XP Boost consumable.
  • Level 28 – Whispered Sky (BR75 weapon coating).
  • Level 29 – Spring Blossom Filter (helmet attachment).
  • Level 30 – Swordsman’s Belt (utility).

If you have the premium battle pass, your progress will be unlocked faster.

That’s Going To Take A While, Huh?

Halo Infinite’s dev teams are on it. Community manager Brian Jarrard said the team will be hard at work on fixing player progression complaints. Right now, the team is on a post-launch break, and a well-deserved one at that given the game’s long development history.

Besides, the game was surprise-launched last week; bugs and online issues are expected for something online-only anyway.

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