New Starfield Vanity Feature Video Teases New “Step Out Moments”

Bethesda and Todd Howard has given the internet a new look at its upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield in a new video feature starring the producer himself.

The video details how different and similar the game will be from the Elder Scrolls open-world RPGs apart from the obvious genre switch. Here are a few quotes from Todd and Bethesda about the upcoming title and the company’s vision for the title.

“We were doing Morrowind and looking at what we might do after that and beyond that, and we had a list of, ‘What are the other types of worlds we want to go to? And obviously Fallout was at the top of the list, if we could do that. And that magically, luckily, came true for us. And right behind that was science fiction.

Whereas Skyrim is sort of an epic fantasy, this is a more grounded game and a grounded setting about exploration. I think that gives us a different take on how we make everything. So that’s the sort of thing you latch onto when we’re making new areas, making environments, making characters.”

Todd Howard also said that the game will have “step out” moments that will immerse players further in its sci-fi universe.

“We always have that ‘step out’ moment into the world, so to say,” Howard says. “The technology has changed. We’ve all changed. So our expectations when loading up a game, like, ‘Okay, I’m going to step out and there’s going to be this moment.’ Us being able to do that and have it feel new every generation, every game, is something that is really special about what we do.

I like to say that Starfield has two ‘step out’ moments. That’s cryptic.”

There you have it, folks: two big “step out” moments. Starfield will be out on 11th November 2022 for Xbox consoles and PC.

Author: Mr Toffee

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