Street Fighter 5 Luke May Look Plain, But His Kit Is Pretty Fun

Street Fighter 5 just received its final DLC character: Luke. While he may not have the best default look and story, this army brat’s playstyle is pretty fun and hectic.

He’s a rushdown zoner hybrid, with regular moves that make him advance forward like his standing Light Punch, Medium Punch, and Heavy Punch. A “Shoto-plus”, if you will. To do simple ground combos with him, you either need to start him off with one of his kicks or any of his crouching Light and Medium moves. For follow-ups after getting a hit confirm, your basic-level answer is either his standing LP, MP, HP or standing MP, MP, MP, MP target combos.

His standing HK up-close is a decent meaty attack for setup purposes, baiting enemies with your own frame advantage moves. Perhaps his best move is his standing HP and forward HP, which can punish whiff attacks and close the gap. These regular attacks are safe when blocked, so follow them up appropriately.

He can space and zone opponents out with his Sand Blaster (his Shoto projectile staple), but where he really shines in the keep-away department is his V-Trigger 1 Fully Armed. He basically has a fast 3-hit projectile move from his HP+HK special which can be followed up from most of his attacks. If you land a hit with his EX Sand Blaster, he can go to a damaging follow-up with his HP+HK special.

His V-Trigger 2 lets him chain one Flash Knuckle with another Flash Knuckle of a different strength; this goes well with his V-Skill 1. Depending on the situation, you can either go full-on temporary zoning with V-Trigger 1 or just mix it up close and personal with V-Trigger 2 shenanigans. In short, a pretty good entry-level character for players to jump in and have fun with.

Of course, the higher-level players and tournament favourites are experimenting with the character, dubbing him mid-tier for the moment. It’ll be a while until his place is determined in the SF5 tier list, but for now, here’s his kit in the hands of fighting game experts and pro players.

And if you’re curious as to how he factors into the Street Fighter mythos, check out the video below.

Author: Mr Toffee

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