World Of Tanks Modern Armor Launches British Invasion Season & Holiday Events

Get ready for a salute to the Commonwealth as the British invade World Of Tanks Modern Armor. This season is packed with new rewards, new Challenges, new British Commanders, and new tanks in honour of Her Majesty’s finest.

Season Pass

As players begin to conquer 100 levels of new content, they’ll be able to take advantage of an abundance of free rewards granted along the way. Free tanks such as the high-penetrating A43 Black Prince prototype and mobile T95E3 are available to earn, along with the George Hughes Standard Commander and A43 Black Prince skin. Additional free rewards include Key Cards, Gold, Silver, Consumables, and Boost Ops.

Those holding a Season Pass can expect even more rewards unlocked at every single level and will earn exclusive tanks such as the super-fast Super Hellcat and the powerful FV4211.  And for those wanting to take the game experience to the ultimate level, the Ultimate Season Pass is available at a major holiday discount and will instantly unlock the strong and swift RDF/LT tank and Jon “Frosty” May Premium Commander. Players also get a 25 level skip and will also enjoy everything included in the standard Season Pass, making this one extra-nice winter gift.

New Maps, Mercenary Contracts, & More

Four completely remastered maps have arrived, with Erlenberg and Lakeville exclusive to WWII mode, and Thiepval Ridge and Raseinia available for both WWII and Cold War. Experience the sights and sounds of guns firing in the distance and fighter planes flying overhead on these exciting terrains.

Contracts are also making a return this season, as a player-favourite request. That means the notorious Mercenary tanks return, starting with the massively popular Tier X medium tank, Chisel! In addition to all of these updates, players will also find a new garage and UI.

Holiday Events, Free Gift Bundle

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Toy Tank mode is back with the “Stocking Stuffer” random drop event where players can earn several different types of rewards from boosts to hefty amounts of XP and silver. 12 Days of Tanksmas also begins, offering daily rewards such as silver, vouchers, kits and key cards.

New festive commanders such as Krampus and Tactical Santa will also be introduced, and the “Santa Needs New Tracks” challenge will give players the chance to earn boosts, the Sleigh T28 Concept skin, and the T28 Concept tank itself. Players can also claim their free Holiday Gift DLC bundle to unwrap the BT-5 tank, a Tanksmas Key Card, and three days of premium time. To wrap up the holiday cheer, a massive Tanksmas Blowout sale will kick off, where players can take advantage of huge discounts on premium tanks, camo, cosmetics, premium time, and more.

TJ Wagner, Creative Director for World of Tanks: Modern Armor said:

“Between the launch of British Invasion, yearly holiday events, and the much-requested return of Mercenary contracts, we’re thrilled to offer a variety of new content to help bring our players into the new year. We look forward to introducing even more exciting updates and features in 2022.”

The new British Invasion season is available now for cross-playable action on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It will run until 8 February 2022. For more information on content, rewards, and Season Passes, you can head on over to


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