Halo Infinite: How To Get A WASP In The Campaign

Halo Infinite’s campaign takes place in the Zeta Halo, an open-ended battlefield with areas to capture and secrets to uncover. Of course, you can only get around on foot for an amount of time until you start yearning for vehicles.

The Mongoose and Warthogs are available for driving in the first hour or so upon touching down onto Zeta Halo, but what about flying vehicles? Well, here’s a quick guide to that.

How To Unlock the WASP

The WASP is a hovercraft that will get you around Zeta Halo by air. The catch? You can only unlock it by reaching reward 24 in the list of FOB rewards in the menu. Basically, it’s the last few rewards on the campaign, close to the third act of the game.

To achieve this, you need to gain Valor, which you can get by completing main story missions, liberating FOBs and outposts, and destroying Banished Propaganda Towers. Just like other open-world games before Halo Infinite. 

Once you get a WASP, it’ll be easier to get Hidden Skulls in the game. Here’s a guide on how to do just that.

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