Shinobi non Grata Looks Like An Awesome 2022 8-Bit Ninja Game Throwback

Missed classic ninja titles like Ninja Jaja Maru, Legend of Kage, and the Sega Shinobi series? Well, this new title from Studio PICO and Esquadra might pique your interest.

Publisher Flyhigh Works and the aforementioned developers has announced a new PC side-scrolling title called Shinobi non Grata. It’ll be out on Steam in Summer 2022 and features the following:

  • 2D sidescrolling left-to-right ninja action where you kill rival ninjas and demons.
  • Weapons such as your Murasame sword, Shuriken, Kusarigama, and Elekiter.
  • Fights and stages in an abandoned shrine, valley of ghosts, and a ninja mansion, with each of them featuring different bosses.

Check out the hot ninja action trailer below.

Author: Mr Toffee

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