Granblue Fantasy Versus Will Add Vira And Avatar Belial Next Week

During the Granblue Fantasy Fes 2021, there was some news for Granblue Fantasy Versus, the 2D fighting game based on the RPG franchise.

New characters Vira and Avatar Belial (the boss version of Season 2’s Belial) will be made playable and available as DLC characters on 14th December, which is next week.

Vira is a mid-ranged character who has some special Luminiera-charged attacks; she has new moves when she transforms. Avatar Belial has high offensive attacks that eat up his HP; this is balanced with his hampered defense.

There will also be two new versions of Granblue Fantasy Versus to purchase: one’s a Greatest Hits version which is a heavily discounted version of the launch game, while the other is the full-priced special version with Season 1 & 2 characters along with Vira and Avatar Belial.

In addition, there will be a sorta new character added to the game: Lunalu, who acts as a Mokujin-type entry where she changes into a different playable character from the existing roster in each round. Oh, and there will be a third GBVS Cygames Cup happening next year on the 6th of February, followed by a new cash prize tournament happening later after that one. Phew!

Author: Mr Toffee

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