This Iconic Villain Joins Power Rangers Battle For The Grid This Week

Developer nWay originally announced that iconic Power Rangers Rita Repulsa would be joining the fighting game Power Rangers Battle For The Grid as a playable fighter in the game’s Season 4 Battle Pass earlier this year. She will finally arrive this week on 14 December 2021 after millennia of being trapped in a space dumpster.

Fans of the franchise will be happy to learn that Rita Repulsa will be voiced by fan-favourite Barbara Goodson, who has provided the voice for the character since the very beginning when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted in 1993.

From her ominous Moon Base, Rita plots her conquest of Earth, which has resisted her attacks for millennia. Rita’s fighting style emphasizes both mastery over her Putty Patroller army and a dizzying array of different magical spells guaranteed to keep her opponents off-balance. Pinwheel Chaos, a rolling ball of devastating energy, starts off at a distance then slowly moves closer to Rita, instantly putting opponents at a disadvantage by drawing them closer to her.

Thanks to the magical mastery of her pile of Putty Patrollers, almost nowhere in a battle is safe for her opponents. While her Patrollers mindlessly pursue, punch, and subdue opponents, Rita covers them from a distance with myriad and devastating magical spells. Royal Candle bisects the screen with a fiery and explosive attack, making any opponent in mid-range a target. Anyone foolish enough to get within close range of Rita will then have to contend with her magic-enhanced kicks and staff strikes, coupled with her mastery of aerial manoeuvrability thanks to her Queen’s Ambit spell.

Power Rangers Battle For The Grid Season 4 can be purchased for US$14.99, but DLC characters can also be purchased individually for US$5.99 each.


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