Fantasy MMO Chimeraland Is Now Open For Pre-Registration

Under Tencent’s new Level Infinite publishing brand, Chimeraland is a new open-world massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, which is now open for Malaysian mobile and PC gamers to pre-register their interest. Gamers who pre-register at from 16 December 2021 onwards, can ensure they are fully informed of game developments and have the first glimpse of Chimeraland once the game is officially launched in early 2022.


One of the key features of the game is the focus on ‘Eastern’ mythology, which is inspired by the ‘Classic of Mountains and Seas’, a renowned Chinese work of literature famous for its ancient mythical beasts.

Players in the game will have the opportunity to explore the huge world and, in the process, encounter many fascinating beasts and monsters which they can admire, battle, tame, thereby evolving new ‘Chimeras’ with individual characteristics, shapes and abilities. As a result of this system, the combination of potential creatures that could be encountered in the game is practically unlimited and provides players with endless opportunities for experimentation and imagination.

The world of Chimeraland is also unique in that it is spherical, just like the real world. This means that players will never encounter invisible walls and will be able to enjoy true adventures across an over 4000 square kilometres map, which includes four continents, explorable seas and oceans. Players will also be able to go off-world through the unique ‘Night Sky’ feature, which will provide them with new places to visit and explore as they develop their capabilities.

Phyllis, Producer at Level Infinite said:

“We think that Chimeraland will strike a real chord with Malaysian gamers and want to encourage them to pre-register so they don’t miss out on any developments before the game launches in early 2022. Chimeraland defies standard definitions or explanations and really needs to be played to be appreciated.

We have had great feedback from our beta-testers who are all really excited for the game to officially launch and we will be revealing more information about that soon. Based on our testing we know that Chimeraland will provide a fantastically open-ended and rewarding gaming experience that both mobile and PC gamers can really immerse themselves in.”


The game offers players huge amounts of freedom and a good example of this is a highly developed base/home building feature. This will give players the capability to build their own personalised homes in any corner of the game (including under the sea) with thousands of modules and styles to choose from, letting players really stretch their imaginations and creative capabilities.

Another evolutionary highlight of the game is raising your own unique Chimera Pets using an “alien system” of “devouring” or “evolving” which gives your pets unique shapes and powerful abilities. From a bunny to a ten-thousand-year-old behemoth, all monsters can be captured as pets.

Players have the ability to choose from dozens of different races, with huge character customization and tweaking options. By design, all characters have access to the same race and occupational capabilities, so players are free to create any outlandish character they want with no limitations or penalties based on their aesthetic choices.


Chimeraland will offer both challenging Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) action. The largest beasts and monsters will take teamwork, skill and the right equipment to overcome. Players will be able to choose from multiple weapons and can freely switch between them during fights, creating limitless tactical and strategic choices (especially when collaborating with other players) which will ensure combat is both fun and engaging.

Malaysian gamers who pre-register on the official website will be eligible for various in-game rewards like Cowries, Legendary Pills and Pet Eggs. Additional starter gifts will also be unlocked based on the number of players who pre-register and gifts will include HP Essence, Intelligence Pill, Lv. 2 Mount Skill Book and other luxury rewards, valued up to US$40.

In addition, the official community will also hold a series of reservation-based activities, participation in the activities will allow players to collect useful in-game virtual treasures for travellers.


Author: Alleef Ashaari

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