Dragon Quest The Adventure Of Dai Action RPG Gameplay Unveiled

During a special Dragon Quest The Adventure Of Dai Game Project live stream today, Square Enix unveiled our first look at gameplay footage from the upcoming Dragon Quest The Adventure Of Dai Infinity Strash game.

This action JRPG title will be different from other mainline Dragon Quest titles, as it will feature real-time action RPG combat instead of the traditional turn-based combat. In this new gameplay footage, we see what seems to be a world map where players can select battles and missions to play.

The gameplay footage shows the player as Dai fighting a boss battle against an enemy monster named Crocodine, in a scene that looks to be recreated from the anime (which is still ongoing). It looks like players can use items in battle and use a variety of special attacks, including Dai’s iconic attack, Avan Strash.

Developed by Game Studio, Dragon Quest The Adventure Of Dai Infinity Strash was originally announced during another live stream in May 2020. The release date and specific platforms remain unknown. It’s unconfirmed when or even if the game will receive a worldwide English release.

Check out the gameplay footage below:


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