Here Is A DNF Duel Open Beta Tier List From One Of Korea’s Best Fighters

While fighting game betas aren’t indicative of the real product, it’s good to know where certain characters stand and whether beta characters will be subjected to future nerfs in the final version of the game. In this case, it’s DNF Duel and its recent open beta session.

Korean fighting game professional Infiltration has created a tier list of all the characters from the DNF Duel beta. It’s basically what you expect if you’ve played the game: the Crusader is pretty overpowered while zoners like Vanguard and Ranger are on top. We’ll explain in great detail below:

UNGA/God Tier

Crusader, Striker

UNGA means a character that has moves you can brainlessly input and still come out on top. Case in point: the Crusader’s all-rounder attacks which consist of a slow projectile that is hard to jump over conventionally, a wall that knocks opponent off and can be combo’ed to, fast mid-ranged normals that are hard to punish, and an air fireball with a tough-to-dodge angle.

The Striker on the other hand has high and low mixups with little to no recovery and can be chained almost endlessly; she just needs to get in close. Even with some spot-on zoning, you’re in trouble once she gets in.

S Tier

Vanguard, Ranger, Grappler, Berserker, Hitman, Kunoichi

A lot of folks have trouble dealing with a good Vanguard and Ranger, especially if they’re trying to get in. The Grappler has a confirmed infinite in the beta, but even without that he’s got counters and combos to keep opponents on their toes. The Berserker’s usefulness goes to 11 when he gets in his berserk life-draining state.

The Hitman and Kunoichi are kinda tough to use, but the former has mid-ranged combos that knock down easily while the later can teleport and lock down opponents with her fire spells.

A Tier

Dragon Knight

The Dragon Knight can use her dragon assist once she gets a confirmed knockdown with her plethora of moves that hit mid-range. And her hover move is useful in surprising opponents. Compared to the S-tier characters however, she is tougher to use and requires some technical knowhow.

B Tier


The Inquisitor can lock down opponents easily with her Hell Wheel. However, the rest of the cast may have faster and more mana-efficient moves, as well as better spacing and footsie options. She needs a proper gameplan when compared to the UNGA and the first half of the S-Tier crowd.

Again, keep in mind that all this will change and is not indicative of the final version of the game which is slated for Summer 2022. DNF Duel will be out for PS4 and PS5 for now.

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