Halo Infinite Adds New Spartan Cat Ears; Everyone’s Loving It

One could say this piece of news is the cat’s pyjamas.

343 Industries has given Halo Infinite players the ability to put cat ears onto their multiplayer Spartan avatars. The new helmet attachment is called Purrfect Audio and is part of a Cat Lovers bundle that also includes the Faded Blush armour coating and Tabby and Kat gun charms. The bundle costs 1,000 Halo credits (US$10).

You may say that this pricetag is pretty steep for a bunch of cat ears, but we’re in a world where people will spend their hard-earned money on Razer cat ear headphones. And given the fact that other games like Destiny 2 and League of Legends offer less for more money in terms of DLC, US$10 seems like a paltry sum to just slap on a pair of cat ears onto your hardcore grey Spartan armour.

Because it’s the online world where all cat-related things are adored, everyone’s on board with said adornments. Check out all the positive messages below:

Cat Ears are the exact type of thing that SHOULD be in a cash shop. from halo

I have a hunch the cat ears are selling well from halo

Buddy bought the cat ears as a joke, but now he says he "can’t take them off." from halo

I always knew picking my Gamertag all those years ago would pay off one day.. from halo

The cat Spartans are hilarious. I’ve never seen a more serious and brooding cat. from halo

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