[Report] Ken Levine’s Ghost Story Team Trapped In Development Hell

It seems as if the creator of Bioshock and his team is nowhere close to releasing a game at all, despite having so many years of operating since 2014.

According to reports from Bloomberg (via Kotaku), Ken Levine’s small game studio Ghost Story Games is in a state of perpetual development hell due to the founder himself. The studio was meant to be a small company that delivers on big ideas and is helped out by 2K’s financial backing, but nothing has popped up due to Ken Levine’s managerial style.

His way of running the studio -the kind that delayed Bioshock Infinite for years before settling on a 2013 date & scaling back its grand ideas- has caused the employees of Ghost Story Games burnout, pain, and grief. Ex-co-founder Mike Snight left the company with its other founders due to Ken Levine’s “creative process” where he wishes to create a triple-A game with an indie team, along with his temperament and perfectionist attitude.

Levine would have his team work on an idea before scrapping the whole thing on a whim. He also had ideas of having “narrative Legos” that offer different experiences to every player, which is in conflict with his other idea of a cinematic game that lets him see everything at once; something that even big studios have issues working on.

While some may applaud Ken Levine for thinking big, people like him need producers and realists to ground him and actually ship a product. And as I’ve stated earlier, this all makes sense given the troubled development of Bioshock Infinite.

Author: Mr Toffee

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