Babylon’s Fall Has Gone Gold; Here’s Some Gameplay To Prove It

Square Enix and PlatinumGames’ upcoming co-op action RPG, Babylon’s Fall, will be out later this year on 3rd March. Both companies have announced that the game has gone gold according to a recent livestream.

In addition, the game will get a Day One patch straight off the gate. Regular updates are planned for the online action RPG and added game modes can be played at no extra cost. Here’s a bunch of description text to get you sorted about the upcoming title:

“Choose your playstyle from multiple, varied weapon-types, each with their own distinct skills and abilities. Customize your loadout to wield up to four weapons at any time.

Ascend to greatness as you climb the looming Tower of Babel and uncover its fabled treasures. Only by mastering the powers of your Gideon Coffin, will you unlock your true potential and become strong enough to survive the summit and uncover the secrets that await.”

Babylon’s Fall looks like it may be scratching that live service games itch they’re laden with since Marvel’s Avengers. You be the judge: check out the gameplay below, featuring a few dungeon skirmishes and a boss fight.

Author: Mr Toffee

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