The Pope Started 2022 With A Hit Song From Undertale

Pope Francis has, for some reason, started 2022 with the most popular Undertale song played for him by a circus troupe.

During a weekly general audience that usually happens at the start of the New Year, the speakers in the Vatican blasted “Megalovania” as circus performers juggled and unicycled in front of him as part of the celebration. Check out the video below if you think I’m talking crazy:

Yes, you heard right: the jazz version of “Megalovania” is playing while the circus act is being performed. It’s quite surreal as it seems no one is batting an eyelash during the proceedings. This isn’t the first time the Pope has been exposed to the charm of Undertale: back in 2016 YouTuber MatPat of Game Theory was invited with a bunch of others to speak with Pope Francis. As a gift, he gave the Pope a copy of Undertale to echo the Pope’s declaration that 2016 was a year of forgiveness and compassion. Pretty poetic, especially since 6 years later we have this current ditty.

Author: Mr Toffee

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