Valorant Champions Tour APAC 2022: All You Need To Know

Calling all Valorant fans, get ready for the VCT Asia Pacific (APAC) 2022 season. After an explosive first year of  VALORANT esports, the VALORANT Champions Tour is back and bigger than ever. The VCT  APAC circuit will feature more teams, higher stakes and an updated competitive schedule that  will keep you on your toes! 

Valorant Champions Tour APAC 2022: NEWLY ADDED REGIONS 

South Asia and Oceania will now play alongside Southeast Asia markets in the APAC circuit, bringing the total number of participating regions to eight. This inclusion also means that players from South Asia and Oceania will now fall under the APAC residency rule and will no longer be counted as imports.  

Total competitive markets include Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Asia, Oceania, Singapore/Malaysia and Taiwan/Hong Kong.  

Valorant Champions Tour APAC 2022: COMPETITIVE FORMAT 

The VCT 2022 season is structured around 3 global events, Masters 1, Masters 2 and  Champions. From the APAC level, teams can expect to fight through a three-stage competitive format for the chance to compete at global events. 

  1. Local Challengers: Teams will participate in local-level tournaments for a chance to secure a seed at the Regional Playoffs.  
  2. Regional Playoffs: Teams that qualify for Playoffs will compete for Circuit Points. Those with high enough points will be invited to Global Events. 
  3. Global Events: These international events come with prestige, high prize pools and massive Circuit Point pools.

Valorant Champions Tour APAC 2022: SLOT ALLOCATION 

Regional allocations are split across a 20-team competitive format. Seeds are determined by the size of the competitive player base in each region. Slot allocations by region are as follows:

Market: Seed

  • Thailand: 3
  • Philippines: 3
  • Indonesia: 3
  • Vietnam: 3
  • Singapore/Malaysia: 3
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 2
  • South Asia: 2
  • Oceania: 1

Valorant Champions Tour APAC 2022: REGISTRATION 

Team registration in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore/Malaysia and  Taiwan/Hong Kong for the VCT APAC Challengers 2022 will happen on this registration platform.  

South Asia and Oceania team registrations will take place on Nodwin Gaming and Let’s Play Live websites respectively. 

Once registered, players will receive information about the upcoming Open Qualifiers from their local market operator. 

Keep watching the website for the latest news and check in on the website for schedule details.


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