Football Player Recreates Street Fighter Pose To Celebrate Goal

Scoring a goal in football is one of the biggest achievements for a football player in a match. After scoring, a player will usually celebrate by running or jumping around for a bit, but some players prefer to be a bit more elaborate. In a recent match between Spanish football clubs Real Madrid and Valencia, Brazillian Real Madrid player Vinícius Júnior apparently recreated an idle pose from a Street Fighter character to celebrate his goal.

When celebrating his goal, it looks like Vinícius Júnior (or Vini Jr) performed the idle pose of none other than Twelve from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

Check it out for yourself below:

And compare that with this:

However, this is just speculation for now. Vini Jr might be performing another dance entirely. Who knows? If he did recreate a video game pose for a goal celebration, he won’t be the first.

Several examples include the ones below. Both of them are dances from Epic Games’ Fortnite. The first was performed by French national striker Griezmann in a match between France and Argentina during the 2018 World Cup, while the second was performed by Ainsley Maitland in a match between Arsenal and Liverpool.


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