Halo Infinite Mangler Might Get Nerfed Soon

All Halo fans know the Mangler. In Halo Infinite, the weapon might be getting nerfed in the near future. Developer 343 Industries recently stated that they were aware of the feedback regarding the weapon.

The real Halo Infinite Mangler.

That is, according to 343 Industries Halo Esports And Viewership Lead Tahir “Tashi” Hasandjekic, who recently responded on Twitter to Halo pro player Snip3down’s suggestion that the weapon needs to be on a longer spawn cycle. Tashi replied that 343 has “definitely been seeing all of the feedback and talking about it internally (especially for big ones like the Mangler)”.

However, it’s currently when or if 343 Industries would nerf the Mangler, whether it’s related to the weapon’s damage, ammo pool, respawn times, or something else. But even 343 simply stating that talks about the weapon are happening internally has more casual Halo fans worried.

Some more casual Halo fans on Reddit have complained that 343 Industries shouldn’t be catering too much to the whims of so-called pro players. Previously, the Commando Rifle and the Ravager were nerfed, so they don’t want the same thing happening to the Mangler as well.

Halo Infinite has yet to receive a balance patch in regards to weapons and equipment since its official launch back in December 2021. That will likely change soon. In the meantime, check out our review of the Halo Infinite multiplayer by heading over here.


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