Hitman Trilogy Will Be Free on Xbox Game Pass; Also Available For Other Platforms This January

IO Interactive is bringing its awesome episodic reboot of the Hitman stealth action game in a worthy bundle.

The Hitman Trilogy, which is basically all the episodic Hitman games from the first to the third one that came out last year, will be available on 20th January for Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC (via Steam and Epic Game Store). The trilogy will also be on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on the same date.

In addition, IO Interactive showcased more upcoming episodes and modes for Hitman 3: Elusive Target Arcade (one chance to take down target; have to wait the next day if you fail) and VR mode (for PC). These modes will be available on 20th January as well.

Hitman 3’s other new game mode, Freelancer, will be out this Spring. This mode lets you build up your safehouse, choose your own assassination campaigns, work your way up to the top, and repeat in roguelike fashion. Unlike in other Hitman missions, you can buy stuff from suppliers mid-mission to kit yourself up.

Author: Mr Toffee

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