Scarlet Nexus’ Main Waifu Gets Immortalized By Kotobukiya [Update]

Update: Preorders are available now. Also, here are full colour pictures of the figure.


Original story (29 August 2021)

Video game-slash-anime franchise Scarlet Nexus is getting its first-ever scale figure. Which character, you may ask? Why it’s main protagonist Kasane Randall, who is handy with knives and chucking giant debris/buses/traffic signs in enemy’s faces.

Kotobukiya announced that it is currently creating the Kasane Randall 1/8th scale figure. There’s no release date and colour for the figure, but you can check out the work-in-progress below.

More information will be revealed at a later date. If you want more info about Scarlet Nexus, check out our review of the game, now available for Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC.


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