Kakuchopurei.com is a video games website for gamers, by gamers. Easy. Newsworthy video game news?  We will talk about and share it, but presented in a way that matters to you. No fluff news Рexcept for feature pieces Рand we promise of no bias in our reviews and thoughts.

So who’s really behind this?

It’s Kenn. Kenn Leandre. You may know me from Twitter (quite notorious) or from my previous stint at IGN SEA where I was Editor for five years. I wouldn’t call myself the most experienced video games journalist in the region, but I do know my way around. Done everything there needs to be done in video games media and have covered global shows and events including Tokyo Game Show, Wargaming League Grand Finals and yes, E3 – all of them multiple times. I’ve interviewed some prominent names in the industry including what I consider a record for interviewing PlayStation’s Shuhei Yoshida three times within twelve months (LOL!) , Wargaming.net’s CEO Viktor Kislyi numerous times, Yoshinori Ono, Katsuhiro Harada, Hideo Kojima and Kaz Yamauchi to name a few.

We are always looking for talent to contribute to the team so if you want to be part of the site, do drop a line in the ‘Contact Us’ section!